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09.25.2009 Financial Services Hearing: Ron Paul’s Statements on Fed Transparency

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Even Louis Farrakhan Knows The Evil Of The Federal Reserve Bank

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“They create a war to get more money.. and send your babies to DIE for BULLSHIT” – Louis Farrakhan

07.25.2009 MSNBC: Eliot Spitzer Takes On The Fed

Garbage in/ Garbage out

Vodpod videos no longer available.

07.10.2009 The Fed Under Fire

A look into why congress wants to know more about what the Federal Reserve Bank is doing with our money.

06.17.2009 Freedom Watch: Ron Paul Talks About Problems of Giving the Federal Reserve More Power

05.07.2009 Fox Business: Ron Paul on Bank Stress Tests

05.05.2009 Ron Paul Questions Ben Bernanke

More great questions from Ron Paul.