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A Two Headed Dragon

October 28, 2008 Leave a comment

This years election will go down in history as one of the biggest blunders in America. Not only are the two major candidates the least qualified people to fill the office of the presidency, but they are both tyrants in their own way. Neither of them will protect your liberties and neither will protect the free market system. Both candidates; Barack Hussein Obama II and John McCain are both socialists. Both will continue to expand the indebtedness of this country and the average family, while enhancing the wealth of their elite cronies. Neither of them will explain to you the true dangers of using a central bank to control its money supply. Neither of them will explain to you the dangers of having the government involved in health care. Neither of them will explain the dangers of government interventions in the housing market. They promise it all as a free ride for Americans. They pass off the important issues of sound money and individual liberty for higher taxes and more laws and regulation. On foreign policy both will still promote their aggressive world police imperialist agenda (or war on terror as they call it). One will say he will move out of Iraq and focus the war on Pakistan. The other will say that we should stay in Iraq for 100 years and leave all other wars on the table. There is no difference in these candidates. Both will put more Americans at risk with their imperialistic intervention policies around the world. This means your sons and daughters are subject to more endless, and meaningless American wars. How does that make anyone safer? It most definitely puts us all at risk when the American Empire continues to overspend and spread our forces too thin. Who is going to protect us if a major action was taken against the homeland, when all our troops are abroad. On top of this who is going to pay for the one trillion (I did say trillion) dollars a year, we are spending on our endless wars and military industrial complex? This of course will be you, and your children, and your children’s children, all burdened with this forced indebtedness of wasteful spending.

Americans of course are smart enough to finally see the root causes of the problems in our policies and practices. We all know that liberty is the reason we all live here and why our ancestors moved to this land. Oppression and tyranny are the things we all have in common from our families’ past, regardless of where you came from. However, we have come full circle and are standing at the door step of fascism and tyranny. Our government has grown too large. Your standard of living is slowly being lowered by every bailout. Your health care options are being limited by every government control. Most importantly your liberty is being sacrificed to no end by evil bureaucrats that want to control all levels of society. What comes next should worry all of us.

We don’t need any more war, we don’t need any more bailouts, we don’t need government interventions in any market, and we definitely don’t need more inflation or taxes. What we need is for the government to leave Americans alone, along with the rest of the people of this world to live their life in peace. What we truly need is sound money, personal responsibility, limited government, free market, and don’t forget liberty (for what is life without it)!

I am sure you already know your current government is absolutely corrupt and completely out of control. We don’t need more leaders that step on our liberties, and steal our wealth — just for their need of power and control. Please do something other than voting for the lesser of evil, because that still means YOU support evil.  Which might explain the reason this country is in such a dilemma to begin with.


Socialism 2008

October 15, 2008 Leave a comment

Why do we have two candidates that are absolutely ignorant to the true needs of people.  Socialism is not the answer for the problems we continue to face in this country.  Socialism doesn’t create a single thing.  It merely steals money from one person and puts in the pocket of another.  This creates dependency and shortages.  This also creates a welfare state for all of us.  Whether its the housing crises or heath care crises, we need to allow the free market to regulate prices, not bureaucrats who have a self interest.  Obama and McCain both fail to see the basic principle that helps everyone naturally.  That pricicple is freedom. That principle is the FREE MARKET!

Beware of Tyrants In the Days Ahead

October 10, 2008 2 comments

History should teach us to beware of up and coming tyrants in times of financial instability.  All you have to do is look back to events that happened during the last great depression and shortly afterward, to see how these leaders evolve into something that is exactly different than what they proposed or what you perceived they were doing.  Beware of leaders that say the government can mend these problems, beware of leaders that ask you to give up liberty, beware of leaders that ask you to do something for a common good, beware of leaders that incite warmongering, beware of leaders that want price fixes, beware of leaders that want trade restrictions, beware of leaders that want government interventions.  All of the things I have mentioned effect your freedoms and liberty.  Fascism rose to power and preyed on the weak in the early part of the 20th century.  Please do not let this happen again.

AIG Says Thanks

October 7, 2008 1 comment

If this story doesn’t make you mad then you must be an executive at AIG.  After being bailed out by the tax payers of the United States (who had no choice since their government is absolutely corrupt), the executives over at AIG decided to have a huge party and take a vacation for all the top level crooks that drove the company in the ground.  Yes, AIG rewards criminals with a half a million dollar spending spree with your tax dollars.
After Bailout, AIG Executives Head to Resort

Tyranny In America

Think we live in the “Land of the Free”?  Tyranny is rampant in this country and has been now for decades.  Presidents no longer protect their oath of upholding the constitution.  Congress no longer listens to the people that put them in office.  Taxes are imposed or increased without representation.  Fiat money is printed by unlawful fraudulent bankers and elite business men.  Wars are started with bogus intentions, and the people are never told the truth.  Terrorist acts are committed against the people both directly and indirectly by their own government. Police seem more and more eager to harass and arrest people.  Judges seem eager to willfully disobey the constitution and convict people with their endless arsenal of petty charges.  Countless companies seem ready to help the justice department in anyway possible.   CEOs are being paid millions to commit fraud for the sake of short term profits and are often protected by government..

What is going on here?  Where is the rule of law?  Where are our rights?

I hate to tell people that we have a fascist government that has been allowed to grow too large and become unchecked.  In order to fight back to this sort of tyranny people need to start demanding their civil liberties and rule of law.  They need to remind their elected officials that this is our country not theirs.  They need to tell their representatives that if they vote for something that is unwanted by the people, they will be removed from office immediately.  The need to tell the Federal Reserve Bank they will no longer use their fiat money.  They need to start an immediate impeachment preceding against George Bush and Dick Cheney and arrest them for war crimes and racketeering.  They need to stop joining the military if their intention is killing people.  They need to stop joining local police if their intention is to harass people. They need to throw unconstitutional judges to the curb. They need to file lawsuits against every company that helps the government spy on its citizens. They need to file lawsuits against every company that commits fraud.

They need to wake up and see what is going on, because what your government is doing might not be reversible.

Senate makes its Marxism

October 1, 2008 3 comments

74 in favor of Marxism and 25 in favor of Free Market..  That was the vote tonight for allowing government to purchase bad debt from failing banks.  The Senate of the United States thinks Marxism is a better way to go than the Free Market.  I am baffled by this stance and I am sure most Americans are as well, since they told their Senators overwhelmingly not to vote for this.  I feel that the Senate has no true grasp on their plan, much less how the economy was designed to work.  Markets self regulate, governments do not.  The only thing government can do is take resources from one place and move them to another, they can not create wealth, nor can they remove debt.


September 19, 2008 1 comment

For Acts of Fraud and Racketeering:

George W Bush – President

Henry Paulson – Treasury Secretary

Ben Bernake – Fed Chairman

These three top the list, but more can and should be tried on acts of world wide money fraud and racketeering.