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09.17.2009 Morning Joe: Peter Schiff Announces Senate Run

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09.1.2009 Judge Napolitano: Is ObamaCare Constitutional?

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09.09.2009 Rep. Joe Wilson Calls Obama A Liar During Health Speech

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08.08.09 C4L: Ron Paul Update

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06.18.2009 Ron Paul on Healthcare Reform

Do you really want socialized medical care?  What about your right to free choice on your health?

1988 Interview With Ron Paul

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His words are just as important today.

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Why Government Makes it Worse

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Why does everything, and I do mean everything, the government meddles with end up worse that it ever was without them?  For example the war on drugs only creates more crime and does nothing to stop drug sales or drug use, it also costs billions of taxpayer dollars. Gun bans in cities like Washington DC leave people defenseless against thugs and therefore the murder rates are much higher than other cities.  Government run heath care systems in countries like Canada cant handle all of the needs of people so they have to look to other countries for treatments.  Most recent is the governments attempts to bailout failed banks only to have the stock market continue to fall at the expense of everyone. Next up will be the auto industry bailout which still wont stop their downfall.  Free Markets and free choices are the only things that can fix all of these problems.  Why you ask? The reason is the Free Market always finds the most efficient solution for the buyer and seller, free choice allows people to decide for themselves what is best for them.  The Free Market produces the most goods and services for everyone and the free choice creates alternatives and competition.  Let people decide for themselves what is best for them.  Forcing people to do things against their will is why governments always make things worse.  Governments are the most inefficient, irresponsible, one sided, and wasteful orginzations mankind has ever created.