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Rep. John Murtha Thinks He Makes The Rules

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.. until the people find out the truth of his actions!


08.08.09 C4L: Ron Paul Update

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04.01.2009 Ron Paul’s Speech on House Floor

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01.06.2009 CSPAN: Ron Paul

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Danny Kaye’s Tribute to Taxes

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Have you ever truly taken a look at what is going on in Washington DC?  The vast majority of leaders you have elected do not even look out for individual rights or free market.  They are 100% motivated in helping their big business corporatists in leveraging the most out of their stock value.  Take for example the banking crises.  Americans don’t need to bailout failed banks for their blunders and mal-investments.  But your congress thought otherwise when they passed a law that would take your hard earned paycheck and give it to someone else.  And this is only one part of the endless parade of bureaucracies that make some richer and the majority poorer.  Your congress passes countless laws on a daily bases that infringe and steal more of your paycheck, just to help out their cronies.  You wouldn’t just allow someone to steal your money in any other situation without putting up a fight, would you?  You would say something, right?

Tyranny In America

Think we live in the “Land of the Free”?  Tyranny is rampant in this country and has been now for decades.  Presidents no longer protect their oath of upholding the constitution.  Congress no longer listens to the people that put them in office.  Taxes are imposed or increased without representation.  Fiat money is printed by unlawful fraudulent bankers and elite business men.  Wars are started with bogus intentions, and the people are never told the truth.  Terrorist acts are committed against the people both directly and indirectly by their own government. Police seem more and more eager to harass and arrest people.  Judges seem eager to willfully disobey the constitution and convict people with their endless arsenal of petty charges.  Countless companies seem ready to help the justice department in anyway possible.   CEOs are being paid millions to commit fraud for the sake of short term profits and are often protected by government..

What is going on here?  Where is the rule of law?  Where are our rights?

I hate to tell people that we have a fascist government that has been allowed to grow too large and become unchecked.  In order to fight back to this sort of tyranny people need to start demanding their civil liberties and rule of law.  They need to remind their elected officials that this is our country not theirs.  They need to tell their representatives that if they vote for something that is unwanted by the people, they will be removed from office immediately.  The need to tell the Federal Reserve Bank they will no longer use their fiat money.  They need to start an immediate impeachment preceding against George Bush and Dick Cheney and arrest them for war crimes and racketeering.  They need to stop joining the military if their intention is killing people.  They need to stop joining local police if their intention is to harass people. They need to throw unconstitutional judges to the curb. They need to file lawsuits against every company that helps the government spy on its citizens. They need to file lawsuits against every company that commits fraud.

They need to wake up and see what is going on, because what your government is doing might not be reversible.