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02.09.2010 Fox Business: Brian Sullivan with Ron Paul

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Central Banking = Fraud = Debt = Inflation


10.01.2009 Fox and Friends: Ron Paul

07.09.2009 Ron Paul Questions Meltzer and Galbraith During Hearing on Federal Reserve Independence

James Galbrath agrees with Ron Paul that Congress and the People have a right to know what is going.

Adrian Salbuchi – Global Financial Collapse 2/2

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Argentina’s Economic Collapse (Full Version)

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This film should educate everyone on corporate fascism and how it can destroy a nation and the liberties of its people. The central bank is the main culprit in this organized crime. The central banks employ an arm that seeks to lend at terms they know that can not be repaid, knowing the loans default the IMF then will dictate and control the policies of that country, leading to further chaos and fraud. Argentina is only one example of how the central bankers are able to commit massive fraud and steal the wealth of the entire nation. Americans should ask themselves if this will happen here in the US. If anything can be learned, it is that debt can be used to enslave any nation. Nations should never let themselves be so vulnerable. No nation should let corporate fascism or any form of fascism dictate their lives. The solution is to END the oppressive central banking system and restore sound monetary policies. Promote freedom in all aspects of life.

The Money Masters

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The Money Masters – How International Bankers Gained Control of America

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11.22.2008 ‘END THE FED’ rally in NYC

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