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Ruby Ridge Documentary

What really happened at Ruby Ridge?


Operation Northwoods

On March 12 1962 a letter from the Joint Chiefs of Staff was sent to the Secretary of Defense with a strategy to create an event that would lead to military intervention in Cuba.  Their plan was to shoot down a plane, stage an attack on our own military base, and sink a military ship.  Check out page 8 with the full list of things they wanted to do just so Americans would buy into an invasion of Cuba.  Now if they did this in the 60’s, do you think they would do it again?

Operation Northwoods

FBI Informant Involved With the 93 WTC Bombing

Emad Salem was an FBI informant involved with the bombing on the WTC in 1993.  You would think that the FBI would have prevented the attack if they had inside intelligence of what was going to happen.  Apparently Salem was supposed to replace the ingredients of the bomb to something that would not explode.  However, there was a change of events and the FBI stood down and did nothing.

Listen to the audio of Salem speaking to FBI Agent John Amticev.

05.28.2009 Glenn Beck: Peter Schiff and Marc Faber

05.29.2009 Euro Pacific Capital: Peter Schiff Video Blog

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Oklahoma State Trooper 606 Assaults an EMT

May 31, 2009 3 comments

This EMT has the right and duty to protect his patient above anything this trooper says.  The trooper had no right to pull over a ambulance that was taking a patient to the hospital. The trooper clearly assaults the EMT and does not allow him to do his sworn duty.  This trooper should be in jail for assault and endangering the health of this patient.

05.26.2009 Euro Pacific Capital: Peter Schiff Video Blog

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