Geoengineering Delusions

The absolute corruption of the few people that make decisions that could effect the lives and health of all of us is sickening.  Any human that thinks he can safely alter or change the weather or has some other delusion of grandeur on playing god with all of us should be removed from government immediately.  The global warming theory is not fact. People that don’t understand that millions of factors including but not limited our rotation around the sun is just one of the factors that change climate temperatures.  Our planet is constantly changing and all you have to do is study geology to understand some areas have changed from deserts to rain forests to being at the bottom of the ocean. A change in temperature is not uncommon on this planet and we should let mother nature balance herself.  Once man intentionally tries to manipulate this, by god knows what ways, we must all worry about the side effects.  Besides, when did the Constitution change to read weather modification as part of the president’s duty?

AP: Obama looking at cooling air to fight warming

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