Abraham Lincoln: Tyrant

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  1. Mark Douglas
    October 15, 2009 at 7:44 am

    Lincoln is a tyrant for standing up to the slave raping, infant selling scum of the Confederacy?

    I don’t think so.

    The Confederacy is still the only nation in history that was openly and actually founded on the principle that whites should enslave blacks. In fact, Confederate leaders BRAGGED about this at the time — they bragged that they were the first nation founded on “the great moral and physical truth” that Almighty God ordained whites to enslave blacks. Read the Cornerstone speech by their Vice President, who was on a speaking tour to explain the new Constitution to the people.

    The South wouldnt even allow the Republican party to be on the ballot at all in the deep South. And they had threatened that if the Republicans won anyway – the South would take that “as an act of War”. That’s right – an act of WAR.

    In fact the South started to secede within MINUTES of Lincoln winning the election. Go read their own Declarations of Causes. Lincoln had done nothing — not even issue a reaction to his victory yet, and these lunatics were threatening violence and calling Lincoln a “nigger lover” who was for the “debasing heresy of equality of the nigger to the whites”.

    Lincoln eventually took office — in March — and told the South they could secede — but do so legally. Not by violence, not by threats.

    But violence and threats is all the South knew. Thats how they kept their slaves in line. They burned any black to death that dared rebel against slavery They whipped any black that dared run away. Intimidation and violence was the underpinning of the SOuth.

    Even whites were beaten — and killed — if they dared speak out against slavery. Whites were punished by whippings by Southern States if they had a book or pamphlet which MIGHT make a slave “dissatisfied” being a slave. Crowds would show up to watch whites beaten for the office of owning such a book.

    SO the South was a Nazi like place — no freedom, violence, threats, no freedom of speech or press.

    Lincoln stood up to these scum — and Lincoln is the tyrant?

    Hardly. Learn some real history – not this utter nonsense. The slave rapers and child sellers got their asses kicked — and they have been crying about it for 150 years.

    The people who lost were those that denied blacks had any rights at all — the losers were those who whipped people for owning a book about freedom, who hung or burned to death anyone that rebelled against them.

  2. Narro Libertas
    October 17, 2009 at 12:08 am

    Mark, if Lincoln cared about human life more than he cared about centralized power, then why didn’t he just buy the freedom of the slaves rather than get 700,000 Americans killed in the worst battle this country has ever suffered. Yes, Lincoln is a tyrant for the deaths and genocide he inflicted on this country. Slavery is wrong, but mass murder is much, much worse..

  1. February 21, 2009 at 7:37 pm

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