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The Double Standards of Government

Taking what is not yours is called theft.

-When government does it they call it taxes, inflation, confiscation, or eminent domain.

Hurting another person by an act of violence is called assault and battery.

-When government does it they call it necessary force, or a police action.

Taking ones life is called murder.

-When government does it they call it a casualty of war, an accident, or friendly fire.

Taking and holding someone against their will is called kidnapping.

-When government does it they call it under arrest, or detained.

Forcing someone to pay by threat or use of force is called extortion.

-When government does it they call it tax enforcement, court costs, fines, or a ticket.

These are just a few of the double standards you will see in our society.  I would like to be as direct as possible so people can begin to see why we have such a thing as a Bill of Rights and a Constitution.  Government is just as much responsible to the Rule of Law as the rest of us (if not more so).  Governments need to always be accountable to the people and not the other way around.  If you feel your government has violated your rights then its time to speak up and take some action.  Don’t vote for the same politicians that lie, cheat, steal, and encourage corrupt behavior. Don’t vote for politicians that promise change and then act the same as the last tyrant.  Don’t allow the Constitution to be violated by government. Don’t allow the government to abuse your liberties and steal your wealth. If people truly desire change then they must take the responsibility upon themselves first and educate those around them.

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