Have you ever truly taken a look at what is going on in Washington DC?  The vast majority of leaders you have elected do not even look out for individual rights or free market.  They are 100% motivated in helping their big business corporatists in leveraging the most out of their stock value.  Take for example the banking crises.  Americans don’t need to bailout failed banks for their blunders and mal-investments.  But your congress thought otherwise when they passed a law that would take your hard earned paycheck and give it to someone else.  And this is only one part of the endless parade of bureaucracies that make some richer and the majority poorer.  Your congress passes countless laws on a daily bases that infringe and steal more of your paycheck, just to help out their cronies.  You wouldn’t just allow someone to steal your money in any other situation without putting up a fight, would you?  You would say something, right?

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