Beware of Tyrants In the Days Ahead

History should teach us to beware of up and coming tyrants in times of financial instability.  All you have to do is look back to events that happened during the last great depression and shortly afterward, to see how these leaders evolve into something that is exactly different than what they proposed or what you perceived they were doing.  Beware of leaders that say the government can mend these problems, beware of leaders that ask you to give up liberty, beware of leaders that ask you to do something for a common good, beware of leaders that incite warmongering, beware of leaders that want price fixes, beware of leaders that want trade restrictions, beware of leaders that want government interventions.  All of the things I have mentioned effect your freedoms and liberty.  Fascism rose to power and preyed on the weak in the early part of the 20th century.  Please do not let this happen again.

  1. James
    October 11, 2008 at 12:43 pm

    Just some breif thoughts concerning the issue of free markets.

    A free people would do well to harness random market tendancies for the greator good.A free market can be just as destructive to the freedom of people as any human tyrant.A nation bound by shifting market forces is by no means a free nation.

    Human need is realitivly stable,thus an economy that does not reflect this fact is hardly worth saving.Now of course if you are hauling in millions of dollars a year,without ever breaking a sweat,you are probably not going to agree.That is understandible,after all greed and selfishness are common human traits.In fact these traits are so common as to be thought of by some as being ”human nature”. We are told that due to our human nature,an economic system based upon the same is in our best interest.It is a very good thing this sort of reasoning has not been applied to the structure or functioning of lets say ,our justice system ?Imagine a man murders his wife in a jealous rage,after he sees her talking to an old flame.Now imagine that the police refuse to arrest the man because of the fact that it is within the norms of ”human nature” to feel and even act upon the urges brought about by such a jealous rage ! What would become of civilization if humans were permitted to act upon every urge,instinct and compulsion,without legal consequences?

    A scociety with a free market economy is not nessacarly a free scociety.The commercialization of nature, so rampant in modern times ,,ensures an expanding market and perhaps even larger GNP’s.However,the same commercialization that has lead to an expanding economy has not led to greater individual liberty.It has been said that the best things in life are things that can not be bught.Unfortunatly ,in our modern scociety practicaly everthing in life must be bought ! What freedom do you have when even the things provided by nature”,freely” must be purchased?It may be that the larger a nations economy,the less freedom the individual will possess. Generaly speaking we do not purchase things we have to have because we are free,we purchase the nessecities because we must do so in order to live.I argue that when it becomes impossible to live without purchasing everything needed to live,”even the things provided by nature alone”we are no longer free.

    We should not press our goverment for freer markets,we should instead demand more freedom.Liberty is not a product of the market,but a condition made possible by nature and the creator of nature.When you put a price on nature ,freedom is no longer possible.

  2. Narro Libertas
    October 12, 2008 at 8:51 am

    Ah..But you have been mistaken again as we have not had a free market, nor free people in any current system. As long as you have a central bank controlling your money supply, all people must use the fiat currency that is controlled by one monopoly. In this country that monopoly is the ‘The Fed’. They control the amount of money in the market and this will effect prices. They also create balloons in the market when they try to keep prices artificially high. In a free market you would not have this sort of behavior and you also would not have the sort of depressions that can happen because of widespread mal-investment, which only happens when interest rates are too low for too long. A free market would have multiple currencies including gold and silver all competing, thus preventing any monopoly over the monetary system.

    Liberty means the freedom to make the choices you feel is best for you in every area of your life and especially the market. Governments should never play any role in the markets because they can do nothing more than steal from one person and give it to another. By doing so they are preventing you the freedom to buy or not buy services with your free will. They try and manipulate the market so you are forced to buy one good or service over another. This is where big business and big government meet, and this is the corruption that is the source of the problem. What you blame the free market on is actually caused by trade restrictions, mandates, over regulation, and a whole host of other things created by government.

    Liberty = Free People & Free Markets

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