Racketeer Bush Speaks

Its amazing how good this guy is at lying to Americans.  He proposes a bill he knows is wrong and even admits he would never vote for under normal circumstances.  So basically all he needs to do is create a scenario where things are not normal, like his entire presidency, and tell the American people they must do it or be forced with dire consequences.  Sounds like a similar line he used to force us into war with Iraq -ie the mushroom cloud theory.  I am tired of his lies to Americans.  His proposal would steal money from you and me, and line the pockets of elite bankers.  This is racketeering.  Its your money – don’t let the scum of Washington DC bleed the Americans for their mistakes.  You are not responsible for them.  I propose a question for all Americans.  If you could not pay your mortgage for whatever reason, do you think these same bankers would help you out by lowering your payments?  You know the answer to that one.

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