The Federal Reserve Bank is the most corrupt institution in American History.  I have selected several videos to explain why.

Money, Banking, and The Federal Reserve

Fiat Empire

The Money Masters

The Fed, The IRS, And Communism

  1. batguano101
    September 19, 2008 at 7:16 pm

    You are far too soft on the Fed.

    If I had known the big cheezes of the administration/financial houses were going to run the largest ponzi scheme in history, a la derivatives (via dismantling post depression reforms of wall street/banking), and the nation would be cooked, heck, I would have grabbed a few hundred million too, for survival purposes only of course mind you.

    Is this mind boggling?

    Nationalizing the debt of the largest insurance company, covering the ponzi scam losses of the banks and investment firms and Freddie/Fanny.

    Say. What was the definition of National Socialism back in the 1930’s? You know, the guys we fought in WWII- Nazis.

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