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Campaign for Liberty

Since Ron Paul dropped out of the presidential race the other day (not that the Republican Party or main stream media gave him a chance to speak).  He is starting a new en devour you should check out.  The website is above.  His mission is to take his grass roots campaign and still promote the ideas of small government- guided by the Constitution, restoring a sound money supply, ending the wars in the Middle East, and stopping the assault on our liberties by overbearing government.  If you care about your freedoms and choices, then its time Americans do something to fix the dilemmas we are in.



United Socialist States of America

As Americans become so dumbed down by big government and corporate fascism I suggest that we now call ourselves the USSA.  Soon we can all pay 70% of our income to the government so they can provide all our heath care needs, and take care of us like infants.  We can also expect massive inflation or even worse, stagflation, because we like to invade other countries to control the worlds oil supply at all costs.  Not that we see any of the benefits– as gas rolls over the $4.00 a gallon mark.  But I am sure the Bush family sees a profit.  And you definitely see profits in Dubai.  As the government scares every American to give up their liberties and tells you war=peace (just like in the book 1984), you have to ask yourself when will it end.  When will people finally wake up.  I do hope that people put aside the fallacies of liberal and conservative and actually come to a conclusion that our lives should not be controlled by any government.  What has always made America a great nation was our freedoms and choices, not the restrictions, limitations, or mandates.  We control the government not the other way around.