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Choice vs Control

Choice is the one word socialists and fascists don’t like to hear. They think they should control your choices. They think they know whats best for society. They think you can not take care of yourself with out their interventions. I strongly disagree with any mindset that enforces or imposes an agenda against my will. Nobody can tell me what is best for me. I can make the choice to agree or disagree with others, but no one has the right to enforce that decision upon me. People should always be allowed to make choices for their own lives and survival . The only interference should be when there is a true or inherent danger to others. And this does not include hurting yourself or perceived threats. If you want to ride your motorcycle without a helmet, that’s your choice. If you don’t want to wear your seatbelt, that’s your choice. Society should not be mandating these things. If someone wants to do drugs, that is their choice too. As long as that person doesn’t go out and hurt someone, who’s business is it but the person doing these things. But that is not where things are headed. More and more, government wants to be involved with all of your choices. More and more, your choices become fewer and fewer. More and more, your life is invaded by people that don’t want you to have choices at all.

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