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Freedom — Yeah Right!

Are we really free? There are many people in this world that don’t want you to be. They want to control your entire existence from what you say, think, buy, and how you should take care of your health. Freedom means you let go of your oppressor’s demands and think and take care of yourself. No one has the right to mandate your health, much less anything about your well being. We seem to be headed in the wrong direction, however. Too many people think you are too dumb to make up your own mind. I will say that this belief is a fallacy of people’s desire to control their environment. Everyone knows you truly can’t control people. Unless of course by some use of force, coercion, or regulation that mandates it. The end result when this happens are people that become unmotivated and dependent on the system being enforced. This might be good for your oppressors, but its bad for everyone else. If you are giving someone control of part of your life, then they decide the direction whether it fits your needs or not. I hope that the next time people think of socializing another part of the economy they realize what they are really doing.

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