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We Have Rights?

It’s not a good sign when people don’t even know why we have the Bill of Rights. Why is it that most people are unaware or reluctant to understand The Constitution? Some people say it’s an old document that doesn’t reflect the current times. I say to them the reason the document was written was solely to protect individuals over government. Our founders clearly understood oppressive government regimes. You see, government always has the advantage because they control everything. What do you control? Yourself? Without the Bill of Rights the government would take that away from you too. Sort of like what is happening now. The government invades people’s lives more and more each year. I think the reason for this epidemic is obvious. People are not aware of their rights because not enough focus is given to it in schools and the media. Government will continue to take advantage of this until people start learning why we have this document. At some point please read: The Constitution , Bill of Rights

The Constitution

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