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End the Middle East War

CNN reported today that Republican presidential candidate John McCain defended his belief that U.S. troops will need to stay in Iraq for decades Monday but said the unpopular war will soon end “for all intents and purposes.”

It’s time to put an end to the war in the Middle East NOW! There is nothing that can be done to bring the sort of democracy our government is looking for. I no longer believe that democracy is what they are looking for anyhow. I also no longer believe that they are there to fight terrorism. This is deep rooted war stretching back to WWII and the remaining tyrannical regimes that took over afterward. These regimes are reluctant to fall in line with the rest of the free world. They hold on to tribal mentalities that reward no one and oppress everyone. More reason to move on. We can’t be the world police. We cant change any belief by force and should never have or want too.

Although, I can’t stand the tyrannical regimes that thrive in this region of the world, I would rather see our troops back home where they belong. We have no true threats in this world and fighting abroad does nothing but create more potential enemies. Not only would bringing our troops home make a safer America, it would also save us trillions of dollars. We need to bring a focus back on the economy before we end up in another Great Depression.

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