Carbon Credit Fraud

Why should I pay anything additional for the vehicle I drive besides gasoline, insurance, and license fees? – that’s more than enough for me. Any fool that proposes a tax of any kind based upon some sort of emission is crazy (voluntary or not). I have no other affordable options for a vehicle that pollutes less. So to punish people for having the best available option is ridiculous. Please study the rules of supply and demand. Most people will buy the most cost effective vehicle on the market, and yes fuel efficiency is one of the factors. If a ‘so called’ cleaner emission vehicle was available, but costs too damn much, then it isn’t very efficient to me is it? Efficiency is a balance of energy input as well as output. Carbon dioxide is just a small fraction of the equation. You have to account for all the other hidden resources that have to go into the production and purchase of that product. R&D is the main reason the ‘cleaner emission’ vehicles are not readily available at a reasonable price for the mass market. These costs will come down normally just like computers, and other electronics did once the market figures out how to maximize on consumer cost/benefit. But, you can’t force this to happen by a tax. All this would do is delay these vehicles from ever becoming affordable. Special Interest groups love this scam however, they want to take advantage of the ‘global warming’ fad that has caught this country by storm. So if you are willing to give them your money, I am sure they are happy to accept it. Just don’t expect they will do what you think with the money or even help one bit with environmental issues.


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