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Health Care-less

I never did understand what they mean when they say FREE HEATH CARE. We all know nothing in this world is free. In everything we do there is a cause and effect. People that promote this idea must only be looking at the selfish idea of socializing another system so they never have to worry if they are covered or not. There is still a cost whether you label it as free or not. Somebody, somewhere will have to pay for this. I guess if you are a socialist, then you want society to pay for something that you think you are entitled. This is a flawed belief that will lead to extreme levels of unemployment if fully implemented. It will also destroy the quality of heath care that currently is second to none in the world.

The expense will be assumed by tax payers, and especially the wealthy. If in fact we all have to pay into this tax, it decreases our spending levels for other necessities of life. The wealthy (who invest in businesses that we all work at) will have less money to invest in these businesses, the result will mean less jobs for all of us. If there are less jobs then unemployment is assured to increase. If unemployment increases then there is an additional strain on welfare programs. Resulting in more taxes needed. I hope you see where I am going with this. Its a careless cycle that can potentially bankrupt an already hurting economy.

  1. Braden
    February 19, 2008 at 3:06 am

    Very well-put.

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