Bring Back Liberty

Why is there so much fear in this world and where is headed – energy shortages, pollution, war, terrorism, health care, global warming, housing bubble, world recession? In today’s society the method for protecting yourself against all these fears seems to be the government. Creating more laws and regulations to fix all these problems. Not even realizing our own self defeating behavior. All this is doing is creating inflation, devaluing the dollar, bankrupting society, over-regulating businesses, creating more wars, and stomping on your liberties. I think it is time to STOP what we are doing and reevaluate. How did people protect themselves before? Did we have this many problems before? Did we always have a overbearing government that took care of all of our problems? Maybe it was the Church or monarchy that solved all our problems. Have people ever taken upon the notion that it is up to you for your own survival, to take care of yourself? You are the ultimate dictator of your life. Not your government or some tyrant like; Pol Pot…Stalin…Hitler…Bush… or the thousands of controlling politicians that have wreaked havoc on civilization and took advantage of your fears.

All of us are somewhat to blame on the travesties that these people impose and inflict on others. I am sure when these people were put in power they were able to convince the people (if elected that is) that the power they could give back would be beneficial to all of us (protection, security, and welfare). Today, free heath care and imperial domination (protection of terrorism as they call it) seem to be the common theme for both Democrats and Republicans. Both self destructing entities of lies and propaganda that will destroy our economy and liberty in the long run. We are selling out to the lies of big business lobbyists like defense contractors and pharmaceutical companies. Your President – George Bush – has given billion dollar contracts to Halliburton and The Carlyle Group, when there are obvious conflicts of interest (… and don’t take my word for it). No President should ever give unbided contracts that they have a vested interest in. Same goes for the Vice President – Dick Cheney. Or any member or former member of government. Yet it happens all the time. These corrupt leaders have hijacked our economy by destroying the fundamentals of free trade. They have also hijacked your liberties by making you a dependent of the state. Telling you they will protect you from terrorism by taking your rights away. Your rights have nothing to do with the government, YOUR RIGHTS ARE YOURS, and no one can take them from you, EVER!

The thieves in power today don’t believe in the Constitution and neither do most of the candidates that are out there running for this election. I guess when a politician gets all of his/her money from corrupt companies, rather than the people, you can see the vested interest in profit over liberty and sustainability. Our government has sold out our country to benefit only the lobbyists that got them in power. Giving your tax dollars to Dubai to continue our imperialism in the Middle East for oil, and to China for its cheap products and labor. We can’t sustain an economic policy built on a foreign policy of imperialism/globalism, or we will fall just like the Roman empire did when they tried the same thing. Are we really going to let this happen? Are we all going to keep depending on the government to fix our problems? Are we going to use the government as a tool to control everyone or thing we are afraid of? Are we so afraid of ourselves that we need to over-regulate our entire existence? Believe it or not the same wars against fascism and Marxism are beginning to happen here at home. The same ideologies we fought against in WWII and the Cold War are here in the USA today! America was founded on the notion that we are all free people and government should only play a limited role in our lives. Yet, why are we in a situation where every part of your life is in some way controlled by government?

As a Libertarian all I want is freedom for all people. This can only be accomplished by respecting everyones right to liberty — not by the use of government force, threat, coercion, regulation, or unfair taxation. That is why I am fully endorsing Ron Paul for President of the United States. Of all the candidates either Republican or Democratic, there is only one that fully understands how the economy actually works. He understands that your money is yours and doesn’t belong to the government to distribute as they chose. He wants to limit the role of the government in the economy by allowing for free markets to operate as they were intended. He understands the importance of the Constitution and why without it we all lose value as human beings. He wants America to stop policing the world and bring our troops home. Most importantly, he believes in limited government interventions and giving people control of their lives and families again. If any of the things I have mentioned make sense, then I invite you to learn more about Ron Paul or share this message with others..


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