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The Controlled Media

January 18, 2008 Leave a comment

Why does the media change or hide stories from the American People? Why is the media being censored? There have been numerous events in just the last 10 years of this country that should appall all Americans. I see the destruction of our liberties and the undermining of our whole society. I briefly saw an article the other day about a former US Congressman that was linked to funding Al-Qaeda supporters. When I went to look for the article just a few hours later, it was gone. I ran a search and located the article on BBC, ABC News, and a few other non mainstream websites. Not a single one of the two mainstream media outlets (BBC or ABC) had the article on their homepage. It is almost like the media doesn’t want you to know about the corruption of government officials, either that or they are being censored. This should be a huge story. The people have the right to know if a trusted official gave money to a terrorist organization. This article should have raised many questions about what is going on in government. Here a Congressman is accused of giving money to Al-Qaeda, a sworn enemy of the state. What else is going on that is being purposely hidden from the public? I have included the full article in the link below. I have yet to hear anything further about this story in the media.